5 hacks to clear, visually-appealing copy people will actually want to read

If you’re like me, you don’t write for the joy of pontificating. You want your copy to reach your audience, entice them into reading its entirety, and compel them towards action. Here are five simple hacks that will help you produce copy that gets noticed.

1. Hook ’em.

Want to catch more readers? Bait the hook with an attractive intro. If you’re solving an urgent problem─ state that explicitly, right up front. Think about what your readers need to grab their attention. What will your readers get if they invest time reading your stuff? Tell them up front so they’ll actually spend the time reading through your copy in hopes of obtaining a worthwhile takeaway

2. Be conversational.

Most of our copy lacks humanity. We write like droids speaking in the boring third-person voice. Consider ways to write that is professional and conversational. Believe me, formal and professional are not mutually exclusive. Most readers find conversational copy refreshing. Conversational writing can also incorporate sharing stories. What problem are you solving? What value do you bring your readers? Frame your story around that, rather than data and fact dumping.

3. You get one main message.

Most readers will only really walk away remembering the “main thing” you wrote about.

4. Bullets are the tip of the iceberg.

If your copy looks like mind-numbing blocks of flowing prose, then your first step is to incorporate bulleted lists. However, if you really want to catch modern busy readers, use visual means to show your ideas. Like what? Create an infographic, generate SmartArt, or work on step 5.

5. Embrace the white space.

Believe it or not, your audience is looking for less. In the sea of digital noise, readers tend to zone out. They will not get your main message if it is buried in tons of black words on a white page. White space will make your copy appear less dense, less intimidating.

Laura Hsu

Laura Hsu

Laura Hsu is the design & customer experience expert at Communication Hackers. With a natural eye for design, Laura excels at advising businesses on the juncture of design and messaging. She is also a natural teacher who loves to explain the why, what, and how of complicated things in a simplified way.
Laura Hsu
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