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Digital marketing consultants

About us

Welcome to Communication Hackers! Here’s a bit about our business.

We are digital marketing consultants on a mission.

We are totally committed to radically simplifying (“hacking” even) the art and science of digital communication so that small business owners like you can understand and use it to grow your business in the digital age (ideally faster than your competition 😎). If you like what you see on this page, we invite you to explore the free resources on our Start Here page or, if you need some help with your digital marketing strategy right away, we’d love to hear from you.

To provide practical, unbiased, digital marketing advice specifically designed for business owners like you, without the upsell. 

Quite simply, if you have “Owner,” “Founder,” “CEO,” “President” or “Solopreneur” in your job title (whether you like to admit it or not) and you need this whole digital marketing thing translated into language you can actually work with, then we’d love to work with you.

We know when you’re running your own business, you don’t have time to learn how to be a marketer too. That’s why we are all about giving you practical resources that are easy for you to understand & use.

We specialize in practical digital marketing advice, tailored specifically for business owners just like you.

Sure, these days you can find just about anything online, but lots of online digital marketing resources are written for marketers as their audience. They are full of insider lingo, in-the-weeds details you don’t need, and often a lack of the strategic big picture that you need as a business owner.

These might be fine for people who have “marketer” in their job title, but when you’re the owner, you need something much more concise and practical.

That’s where we come in.

As your digital marketing consultants, we offer practical advice you can actually use. That’s it. No upsells, no affiliate links, no games, no fancy words and steep learning curve. Just advice.

We’re different, and we’re proud of it.

Digital marketing consultantsPractical

The internet is full of theory and vague direction. We provide practical advice & solutions you can put to use right away.

Digital marketing consultantsUnbiased

Most digital marketing “advice” is geared toward making a sale. We are different since we don’t upsell or send you to our affiliate friends for a kickback. All we provide is unbiased advice.

Digital marketing consultantsSimple

Digital marketing can easily be overwhelming and complicated. We focus on making it understandable and simplified.

Meet the Team

Laura Hsu
Design & Customer Experience Expert

With a natural eye for design, Laura excels at advising businesses on the juncture of design and messaging. She is also a natural teacher who loves to explain the why, what, and how of complicated things in a simplified way.


Eric Hsu
Technical & Content Development Expert

Eric has a strong background in business strategy and is an avid techie. He uses this to help businesses understand the big picture of digital marketing funnels and how all the pieces work together.


Aren’t you just another marketing agency?

No, we’re not an agency. We’re digital marketing consultaints. We don’t build websites, manage social media, run advertising campaigns or anything like that. Instead, the value we bring through consulting is in helping you better understand how all the digital marketing pieces fit together. That way, you can decide whether or not you need an agency and if so, which one.

If you just focus on the big picture, who will help me on the technicals?

The reason why we can explain the big picture so well is because we are also practitioners on the technical aspects. We can help you design your digital marketing strategy because we thoroughly understand and even ourselves use: Facebook advertising, Instagram, Adwords, Google Analytics, WordPress, Squarespace, search engine optimization, landing page design, remarketing, online courses, contests, webinars, and much more,

What do you mean by unbiased advice?

Do a Google search on a digital marketing topic you’d like to learn more about. Chances are, all of the top hits are written by agencies or businesses trying to sell you their products or services. Ever wonder if the advice they’re giving you is slanted toward what they are selling? Since we aren’t an agency and don’t have affiliate relationships, we can assure you that as digital marketing consultants, the advice we provide is unbiased and geared toward your interests only.

How can I try before I buy?

Most of the content we create and share is free to you. See for yourself on our Instagram feed, our Facebook page, and on our blog. We also provide free instant feedback on your digital marketing strategy with our 2-minute quiz (that will also give you access to free training).