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User Experience Website Audit

website audit

The #1 Point of Your Website is to Sell

Do you need a website audit?

  • Do you know how many qualified leads & sales your website is bringing in each month?

  • Do you know what your bounce rate is and why?

  • Do you know which of your web pages is a sales bottleneck?

If you can’t answer a confident “YES” to each of these questions, you need a User Experience Website Audit.

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Here’s what you get with our User Experience Website Audit:

  • First Impressions Report

  • Ease-of-Navigation Audit

  • Clarity of Products/Services Audit

  • Load Speed Test

  • Mobile-Friendly Audit

  • Conversion Audit

This isn’t the 90s anymore…

Once upon a time (like in the 90s), websites were like billboards – their job was to TELL. Business name, phone number, email address, a yawn-inducing description and done. Time for doing real work.

Today, websites are 100% different. They are the real work. Their job is to SELL. A good website is the heart of your digital marketing and should be snagging leads & making sales for you. Ideally on autopilot.

How does your website stack up? Find out with a Website Customer Experience Audit.

Are any of these problems tripping up your visitors?

  • Is the layout confusing?

  • Is the branding inconsistent or outdated?

  • Is there too much text (and not enough images & video)?

  • Is it confusing to navigate?

  • Is your unique value hidden because of poor copywriting?

  • Is it too complicated to buy from you?

You NEED the answer to these questions if you want your website to perform as it should.

Get these answers and more, with a User Experience Website Audit.

Just think of us as Mystery Shoppers.

Except, instead of visiting your brick & mortar store, we’ll be visiting your website.

We’ll put on our best disguises and go through your website exactly as a visitor would.

Afterward, we’ll give you our expert recommendations and feedback – like visitors won’t. So you know exactly what to do to improve the user experience and land more sales.

Data analytics + human touch = best of both worlds.

You’ll get access to super-sophisticated analytics data, aggregated into easily understood reports.

And you’ll benefit from our 20+ years of experience helping innovative businesses, professional, & researchers articulate their unique values in order to sell to diverse audiences.

website audit

How much would you pay to be a mind-reader?

How much would it be worth to your business to know what yoru website visitors ar thinking? How valuable would it be to know exact steps to double or even triple your traffic and turn more of it into red-hot leads? You could easily pay over $3,000 for a fancy marketing research firm to get this insight. Then another $1,000 a month to an SEO firm, and more for a copywriter, etc… And that would be a deal if you doubled your sales. Right? Well, we’re not a fancy research firm and we’re so committed to your success that we’ll help you get the insight you need starting at just $397.

But what about those free audits?

You’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t just snag one of those free audits that everyone and their cousin is offering.

And the price might be attractive but remember you get what you pay for.

Sure, lots of people will give you a free “look-see” of your website. But how often is this just an opportunity to tell you how broken your site is so they can convince you to hire them to fix it for you? How often is this just a slightly biased, thinly disguised, sales proposal? Probably 97.5% of the time.

Let’s not even mention how much practical information you’re like to get from such a quick, free, off-the-cuff eval. Likely very little.

If you want an unbiased, practical, useful evaluation of your site, plus actionable steps for improvement, you need a User Experience Website Audit.

User Experience Website Audit Packages


  • 40 min video walk-through of your website
  • First Impressions Report
  • Load Speed Test results & recommendations
  • Mobile-Friendly Audit results
  • Evaluation of opt-ins for design, visuals, & copy
  • [PDF] 10 bounce-rate & conversion improvement steps for your site
  • Email support for 30 days


  • Everything in Lite Audit PLUS:
  • Basic SEO analytics report
  • SEO recommended action list
  • Backlinks report (crucial for SEO)
  • Instructions to setup Google Analytics & Search Console (illustrated PDF)
  • Broken links report
  • 45-min post-audit virtual coaching session by video conferencing or phone
  • Email support for 60 days


$397per-month (12-month minimum)
  • Everything in Standard Audit PLUS:
  • Custom set-up of Google Analytics for goal & conversion tracking
  • Backlink analysis for 2 competitors
  • Monthly comparative SEO ranking report (top 2 competitors)
  • Monthly SEO ranking & Moz DA report
  • Monthly site traffic analytics report
  • Monthly search engine index report
  • Monthly 30-min virtual coaching session by video conferencing or phone
  • On-going email support

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What People Are Saying

We absolutely loved how you provided us with step by step guidance on each topic we covered…Our hour long meeting was crammed full of awesome suggestions for us to implement.

Shasta Meyers, EDWARD JONES

The best business decision I made in 2017 was to trust Eric and Laura [Communication Hackers]. I highly recommend this company. It is refreshing to work with a company that wants you to succeed.

Angel Betancourt, BETANCOURT LAW

You obviously know a lot and you want to help. I also liked that the initial report you provided me gave me to individualized solutions to my challenges.

Shelley Kennedy, EDWARD JONES

Problems solved: Which social media platforms would make most impact for my type of business. Why video is so important. How websites can be conversion tools.

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