Meet the Team

Eric Hsu (aka The Recovering Lawyer)

Hi, I’m Eric, one of the co-founders of Communication Hackers, LLC

With my background in law, public speaking, teaching, and business,  I’m the technical skills and content development half of the Communication Hackers team. I enjoy learning everything I can about such technical topics as WordPress, SEO, Adwords, analytics, Facebook Ads, landing page building, headline psychology, and marketing funnel optimization. In turn, I love to teach business owners like you how to make it all work together like a well-oiled marketing machine.

Are you a service professional (like an accountant, financial planner or lawyer)? I’m also a practicing lawyer with a boutique practice (Clear Focus Law) focused on helping small business, so I’m especially attuned to the digital marketing needs of fellow professionals. I understand the restrictions of industry marketing regulations (since I’m subject to them too) but don’t think this should ever hold you back. To the contrary, industry regulations make it even more important to have a well thought out digital marketing plan and a properly constructed marketing funnel that works.

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Laura Hsu (aka The Maven of Messaging)

Hi, I’m Laura, one of the co-founders of Communication Hackers, LLC.

With my background in English literature, a keen interest in art and extensive experience in technical communication, I’m the design strategy and customer experience half of the Communication Hackers team.

I am naturally driven to create & teach hacks to help people craft better stories to get noticed. As a former high school English teacher, I know that most people want to crack the code of this writing thing. When my middle school English teacher taught me the 5-paragraph essay template, I instantly realized that there is a science behind writing. Writing & messaging doesn’t have to be this mystical, innate (you simply have it or you don’t) art. My life mission is to do the research, crack the codes, create the blueprints, and share the results with you. If you’re looking for honest, audience-viewpoint feedback and suggestions, I will be here ready to help.

I’ve also got a natural eye for design and especially enjoy the juncture of design and messaging. This has made Instagram a natural fit for me, and I love helping businesses like yours understand how to use this indispensible marketing tool to reach customers. Even beyond Instagram, I’ve studied the science of how design fosters trust and is therefore a critical part of your marketing funnel. Since I’m naturally a teacher at heart, I can take what I’ve learned and help you understand the practical why, what, and how of design and how it fits into your digital marketing strategy.

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