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Privacy Policy

Applicability of this Policy

This Policy applies to all websites operated by Communication Hackers, LLC, (the “Company,” “We,” or “Us”) and all social media sites or accounts utilized officially by the Company as to all persons lawfully accessing such services, websites or  social media sites/accounts (“Service(s)”).  This Policy does not apply to persons who illegally access the Service or who access the Service in violation of the applicable Terms of Service. None of our products or services are being overtly marketed in any way to residents of the Europoean Union or any others who fall under the auspices of the GDPR. In any case, we have taken reasonable steps to comply with the GDPR and this Privacy Policy represents one of those steps. 

Information we Receive about You

Upon Creation of Your Profile (necessary for posting comments under certain circumstances)

Upon creation of your account, you will be required to provide basic personal information about yourself including your name and email address.

Subscription to Commercial Solicitation List

If you choose to subscribe to one of our mailing or other contact list that may involve commercial solicitation, we will always abide by the best practices listed below under Commercial Solicitations.  When you do so subscribe, then we will receive and record any identifying information, such as email address or other preference information, that you choose to provide. You may not subscribe to any of our mailing or contact lists without at least providing your first name and email address.

Purchase Transaction Information

If you decide to make a purchase from Us of any service or products we offer, then you will have to provide a valid means of payment that may involve providing your Paypal Account credentials, credit card number, and billing address. We process all purchase transactions on third-party, PCI-compliant payment processing platforms including Stripe and Paypal. We do not, under any circumstances, retain your payment information including credit card number or billing address. If you purchase services or products from us, then you may be contacted by email for transactional or follow-up purposes, or if we believe that other products or services may be of interest to you. You may choose to stop receiving any offers from us at any time by unsubscribing.

User Content

Certain functionality of the Service or other Websites or social media accounts operated by the Company will allow Users to upload or share data, information, images, videos or text in a variety of formats or forums (collectively, “User Content”).  In addition to the submission formats or forums incidental and part of the use of the Service itself, this may also include submissions for contests, Wiki pages, public user forums or other interactive services.

User Initiated Communication

If you decide to contact Us to provide feedback, accolades or complaints, then the contents of your communication to Us will be collected and recorded.

Functionality Data and Connections

In order to enhance the value of the Service, to enhance security, and in an effort to constantly improve the user experience, We regularly collect (including by automated means such as by use of analytics tools) data about usage patterns of Users.  This data may include, but is not limited to, IP addresses, bandwidth usage, operating systems of Users, types of browsers used, speed of user internet connections, frequency of log-in, purchasing habits, and use of different resources or interfaces. We do not intentionally collect any user-identifiable data.

Information from Children Under the Age of 13

None of the Company’s services are intended for available to children under the age of 13 and We never knowingly solicit or collect any information whatsoever from or about children under the age of 13.  If you become aware that your child under the age of 13 has been using the Company’s services or has submitted information to Us, please let us know by email at  If we become aware that a child under the age of 13 has been using our services or submitting information to us, We will immediately terminate the child’s account and will take reasonable steps to delete the submitted information.

When we Will Disclose Your Information 

Law Enforcement Verified Emergency Purposes

We have a policy of cooperating with law enforcement officials if they can provide a verified emergency reason (ie someone’s life is in danger) for needing access to information or data that we could otherwise produce in response to legal process pursuant to the Electronic Communications Protection Act (“ECPA”), Stored Communication Act (“SCA”) or other applicable legal scheme.  We will always require that any law enforcement agency requesting data in such a circumstance to provide us with the applicable legal process as soon as possible.

In Response to Appropriate Legal Process

We will produce any requested data that is lawfully and properly requested by service of proper legal process (subpoena, administrative order, or search warrant) pursuant to the ECPA, SCA or other applicable legal scheme. 

What we Never Do with Information We Collect or Receive

We never sell or lend personal information we collect from or about you to any third-party for commercial purposes.  For purposes of this statement, We define “personal information” as information we possess from or about you, that can be readily correlated with you as an individual person.  For example, your address, your individual user habits, or your credit card information, would all constitute personal information.  In contrast, a geographical count of users residing in a certain geographical area (without providing names), aggregate data about how many users have certain user habits, and how many users purchased a certain service using credit cards, would not be personally identifiable with you individually, and therefore would not constitute personal information.

In the case of credit card information necessary for a purchase transaction, we utilize a payment processor gateway that collects all of your information directly onto their secure servers.  None of Our servers or resources keep any of your credit card information at any time unless you subscribe to a recurring service and expressly authorize credit card information to be kept for that exclusive purpose.

How we Use Information we Collect or Receive

As to Data or Information Intended to be Public

Data and information you voluntarily place in your User Profile or in messages or postings intended to be public (such as comments in open forums or contributions to Wiki pages) are made public to all Users and may be indexed by and visible via commonly used internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Private “User to User” messages are not considered to be data or information intended to be public.  We do not delete or remove public messages, postings or Wiki-contributions unless they violate Copyright Law, Trademark Law, or violate Our Acceptable Use Policy.  If you decide to cancel your account, while your User Profile will be frozen and archived and therefore no longer accessible to other users and the public, it will not be deleted.  Furthermore, cached versions of your User Profile may be available throughout the internet from sources other than servers or networks We operate or use

As to all other Data or information

We are constantly striving to improve the user experience with the Service, and to enhance the safety and security of users, the Service, and the network resources on which the Service resides.  We use your personal information to assist us in making these user experience and safety and security improvements.  We may also use your personal information as necessary if we need to address or investigate a complaint about violations of the Acceptable Use Policy.

In the course of designing improvements, enhancements or value added products for the Service, we may access or utilize your personal information.  From time to time this may include needing to contract with other professionals, including, but not limited to programmers, security professionals, game designers, and networking professionals (collectively “Enterprise Partners”) who may be contracted to assist with such product development functions.  Such Enterprise Partners may, in the course of product development, need access to your personal information.  However, we always ensure that such Enterprise Partners are not only reputable, but are also contractually bound to follow these same privacy polices.

Commercial Solicitations

We respect your commercial solicitation preferences (and the provisions of the Can SPAM Act) and will never send unwanted commercial solicitations to you either by messaging functionality built in to the Service, by email, social media messaging or posting, or any other means.

We will only send you commercial solicitations if you have opted in to receive such solicitations.

If you decide to unsubscribe from commercial solicitations, we will remove you from our commercial solicitation list promptly and will not send any further commercial solicitations.

For purposes of the Can SPAM Act, our physical address is:

                                    Communication Hackers

214 Orchard Way

Richland, WA 99352

Please contact us immediately by email at if you believe that you have either received unwanted commercial solicitations or if you have tried, and have been unable to unsubscribe from commercial solicitations.

Aggregate Data

We reserve the right to use Aggregate Data for any legitimate business purpose including business functions that involve sharing such data with other companies, individuals, or organizations.  This may include, but is not limited to, promoting the Service to game platforms, improving security, enhancing the user experience, planning for expansion of service resources, or for enforcement of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Reports of Privacy Concerns

We take your privacy concerns very seriously.  If you have questions about the policy or a concern about your privacy, or the application of this Privacy Policy, please contact and We will address your concern immediately. 

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time we may need to change this Privacy Policy.  If this Privacy Policy is changed, then a copy will be immediately posted on the main website for the Service as well as other applicable Websites operated by the Company, and you will also be prompted about the change and presented with a copy of the changed Privacy Policy the next time you log in to your account or access any resources associated with the Service.  Thereupon, you will need to agree to the new Privacy Policy in order to access any resources associated with the Service.  If you choose not to accept the new Privacy Policy, then you will no longer be able to use the Service.

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