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January 30, 2017

This one under-used hack will make your business presentations skyrocket!

Five minutes to go and people are still streaming in…

Your palms are a bit sweaty and you’ve got butterflies in the pit of your stomach but the sweat is quick to dry and the butterflies are just little ones.  You’ve done this many times and the audience that you stand in front of doesn’t intimidate you anymore.  You wonder what they are thinking as you give your business presentation though.  Are they bored? Are you getting through to them? Is it even worth your time?

What if you could employ one under-used, and easily applicable hack and guarantee to skyrocket the effectiveness of every single business presentation you will ever make again?

This hack is simple: make the switch from fact-dumper to storyteller. This is THE most effective and powerful thing you can do to improve your presentations.

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